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Notation is [Time in game (time in real world)].
Calculation is 1 year real time is 12 years game time.
Top half of each divider represents events in game world, lower half represents events in real world.


Long ago

  • The era was called <Age of the Gods>.

About 350 years ago (about 29 years ago)

  • 4 races existed: <Human>, <Alv>, <Elf> and <Dwarf>.
  • Extinction of the <Alv> race.

About 300 years ago (about 25 years ago)

  • Counterattack of the surviving <Alv> <6 Scrapped Princesses>. Results in the 1st world change <World Fraction>.
  • Appearance of demi-human species: <Goblin>, <Kobold>, <Orc>, <Ogre>, <Troglodyte>, <Gnoll>, <Sahuagin> and <Lizardmen>.
  • Appearance of <Werecat>, <Wolf Fang tribe>, <Fox Tail Clan> and <Race of Ceremony> according to the Nostrilia plans.
  • Migration from <Yureddo> (Europe) to <Land of UN/Wen> (Americas).
  • Birth of the <Ancient>'s.

About 240 years ago (about 20 years ago)

  • The 2nd world change <World Fraction>.
  • Appearance of the <Adventurers>.

  • Release of <Elder Tales>, <Adventurer>'s level cap is set to 50. Start of Open β. Thursday, October 22, 1998
  • "Hunt of Dragon" and "The Last Fantasy" raid content added.

About 216 years ago (about 18 years ago)

  • Release of the 1st expansion pack <Reconnaissance at Dawn>.
  • "Heriot's Haunted House" and "The Melancholy of Kobold King" raid content added.

About 204 years ago (about 17 years ago)

  • Japanese version service begins, Town of Akiba added.

About 192 years ago (about 16 years ago)

  • Release of the 2nd expansion pack <Duelist's Honor>.
  • "Knight King's Trial", "Coronation of the Goblin King" and "Demon Festival of Suzakumon" raid content added.

About 180 years ago (about 15 years ago)

  • Release of the 3rd expansion pack <Silver Odyssey>. Transition to voice chat, addition of ships, addition of coastal routes (sea mail).
  • "Evil Influence of Sahuagin", "Legacy of the Sailing Prince", "Pirate King's Treasure" and ""The False Underground Royal Palace" raid content added.

About 156 years ago (about 13 years ago)

  • Release of the 4th expansion pack <Maze War>. Level cap raised to 60, additional revision of pet system, addition of flying mounts, PvP content "Labyrinth of Evilness" added, Town of Susukino added.
  • "Labyrinth of Goodness", "Labyrinth City of Zion", "Rainbow in the Sky", "Spanish Armada's Disappearance" and "Dragon Knight of the Heavens" raid content added, along with special raid content "Handmade Maze".

About 132 years ago (about 11 years ago)

  • Release of the 5th expansion pack <Jewel of Moon Cresta>. Major revision patch for the production systems, guild system revision, addition of weapon enhancement system.
  • "Berserker's Soul", "Ancient Factory of Lekeš", "Empire of Dawn", "Xanadu" and "Neighing of the Abominable Dragon" raid content added.

About 120 years ago (about 10 years ago)

  • Release of the 6th expansion pack <Supreme Ruler's Ambition>. Level cap raised to 70, Guild House purchase system added, Town of Nakasu added, raid showdown content "Overlord" added.
  • "Onimusha of Hayato". "End of Summer Campaign", "End in Winter Campaign", "Battlefield Trainer" and "12 Color Rebellion" raid content added.

98 years ago (8 years and 2 months ago)

  • Shiroe appears for the first time in history.

  • Shirogane Kei begins <Elder Tales>.

About 96 years ago (about 8 years ago)

  • Release of the 7th expansion pack <Gift of Flame>. Book of Secrets System introduced, large-scale revision patch for actions other than combat.
  • "Depths of the Obscure Bamboo Blinds", "Eternal Glacier Army's Attack", "Successor of the Sorcery King" and "Oracle's Sky Tower" raid content added.

About 72 years ago (about 6 years ago)

  • Release of the 8th expansion pack <Eternal Lind Red>. Level cap raised to 80, Town of Shibuya added.
  • "Crying of the Night Crow", "Ruler of Idols" and " Lind Red Great Temple" raid content added.

About 48 years ago (about 4 years ago)

  • Release of the 9th expansion pack <Cendrillon's Legacy>. Operation of the translation system begins, addition of AI items.
  • "Southern Sea Shrine Maiden", "Pipers Resurrection", "Hades Breath", "Rescuing the Corrupted Soul" and "Maihama Underground Ruins" raid content added.

About 36 years ago (about 3 years ago)

  • Release of the 10th expansion pack <Sacred Heart>. Level cap raised to 90, major revision to the AI of NPC's, playing musical instruments and singing patch, massive deployment of field raid monsters.
  • "New Empire's Return Festival", "Rhadamanthys' Throne", "Nine Great Prisons of the Heroes", "The Swan of Tuonela", "Labyrinth of Nightmares" and "Forgotten Service" raid content added.

About 24 years ago (about 2 years ago)

  • <Debauchery Tea Party> is 'disbanded'.

  • Release of the 11th expansion pack <Alchemist's Solitude>. Competition items added, production items added.
  • "Artificial Angel Plan", "Diva Eliza" and "Beauty of Calvados" raid content added.

1st year


  • The 3rd world change <World Fraction>, the <Catastrophe>, the <May Revolution>.
  • Population of the <Landers> increased by 10 times.
  • Disappearance of the population of the <Ancient>'s <Thirteen Knight Orders of the World> (All <Ancient>s belong to this).

[Town of Akiba]

  • Before the <Catastrophe>, Shiroe practices hunting along with Tohya and Minori.
  • After the <Catastrophe>, Shiroe reunites with Naotsugu.
  • Shiroe and Naotsugu exchange info with <Crescent Moon Alliance>.
  • 5th day, Akatsuki obtains <Appearance Changing Potion> from Shiroe. A team is formed consisting of Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki.
  • 8th day, the Shiroe's group of three do some hands-on training in the beginner zone. After a week passed, they could fight against level 50 enemies.
  • A few nights later, ambushed by PK guild <Dread Pack> while returning from training, Shiroe's first player fight. Shiroe and the others win.
  • After the PK encounter, they returned to the guild hall of <Crescent Moon Alliance> in Akiba. Discovers the situation and location of Serara of <Crescent Moon Alliance> through Maryelle.
  • Shiroe and others decide to go rescue Serara in place of Maryelle. The next day, Shiroe and the others set off from Akiba.
  • 3 days after leaving Akiba, Shiroe and the others arrive at <Tear Stone Mountains>.
  • 5 days after leaving Akiba, they arrive in Susukino. They are joined by Nyanta and Serara.
  • vs. <Brigandia>. Demikas is crushed by the co-operation of Shiroe and Nyanta. Escape from Susukino.
  • Night of the escape, while camping Nyanta shows off "Home Cooking"(the Overskill).

[Town of Minami]

  • After the <Catastrophe>, Nureha who is the guild master of <Plant Hwyaden> approaches the nobles and the Saiku clan to manipulate the situation.

  • Thursday, May 03, 2018. Addition of the <Homesteading the Noosphere> expansion pack.
  • <Adventurer>'s level cap is set to 100.


[Town of Akiba]

  • Shiroe returns to Akiba. Celebration of Serara's rescue in guild hall of <Crescent Moon Alliance>.
  • After the party, Maryelle tells Shiroe about the existence of <Hamelin> and the state Akiba is in.
  • Shiroe decides to form a guild.
  • Minori is contacted by Shiroe
  • Shiroe requests co-operation of <Crescent Moon Alliance> as guild master of <Log Horizon>
  • 5 days after request of co-operation of <Crescent Moon Alliance>, <Crescent Moon the Refreshment Stand> opens.
  • Maryelle and Henrietta negotiate with <8th Shopping District>, <Oceanic Systems> and <Roderick Firm> to establish a contract.
  • Shiroe and Nyanta are reunited with Soujiro, guild master of <West Wind Brigade> and requests co-operation.
  • 10 days after the opening of <Crescent Moon Snack Bar>, a conference between the 12 representative guilds of Akiba begins. Shiroe purchased the Guild Hall a few hours prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Rescue operation of <Hamelin> beginners start.
  • <Silver Sword> withdraws from the conference of 12 guilds.
  • With the co-operation of <8th Shopping District> and <Roderick Firm>, <Oceanic Systems> successfully develop a steam engine.
  • The <Round Table> is formed, and organization consisting of the 11 representative guilds of Akiba. Purpose of the <Round Table> is solidified at around sunset, and moves on to discuss the enforcement of law.
  • On the evening <Round Table> was formed, the way to produce "Home Cooking" was shown, vigor is brought to Akiba when it is revealed to the public next day at noon.
  • <Hamelin> is dissolved. <Crescent Moon Alliance> gets a new guild hall, and <Log Horizon> purchases a new guild tower.
  • Night of moving day, Tohya and Minori join <Log Horizon>.

[Town of Minimi]

  • Nureha seizes control of Minami's royal guard system using her Overskill.
  • The <Palace Guard>'s of Minami are Nureha's private army.
  • Nureha secures a large amount of wealth from <Lander> nobles and consuls, she purchases the Cathedral zone using these resources.
  • <Plant Hwyaden> has complete control over Minami.

[Town of Big Apple]

  • 6.01 Food Riot and public lynching occurs.


  • <Round Table> receives letter from the Feudal Lord of the alliance <League of Freedom Cities Eastal>.


  • Quest <Return of the Goblin King> started.
  • Maryelle suggests they do a summer training camp and takes charge of it.(→ Summer Training Camp)
  • <Round Table> decides to participate with <League of Freedom Cities Eastal> after deliberation. Participating members are are selected.(→ <Round Table Conference> Representatives)
  • During the grace period of expeditionary forces return, <Round Table> and <League of Freedom Cities Eastal> settle on 3 kinds of treaties. Basic treaty, mutual transit commerce treaty and peace treaty.

[Summer Training Camp]

  • Summer training camp begins for beginners at the nearby town of Choushi. Using an abandoned school building as a base camp, separate curriculum's are carried out on each floor.
  • The day after their arrival, Tohya, Minori, Serara, Isuzu and Rundelhous form a low level party and challenge <Ragranda Forest>.
  • Day 1, Minori's group withdraws after 1 hour.
  • Day 2 and day 3, forced to withdraw within 3 hours of hard fighting.
  • Day 4, Minori's group stays in base camp to discuss abilities instead of heading into dungeon.
  • Day 5, Minori's group arrives at the deepest part of <Forest of Ragranda>, defeats <Burning Dead>.
  • Day 7, night. Isuzu finds out Rundelhous is a <Lander>.
  • Day 8, a large amount of <Green Sea Ogre>'s invades the shore of Meinion Coast. Naotsugu returns to the abandoned school building.
  • Evening, a medium sized group of <Goblin>'s are discovered on the path to plunder Choushi. Participants of summer training camp move to Choushi to warn the town.
  • Minori's squad leads a night raid.
  • The town is protected due to the raid led by Minori's squad and the defense of other summer training camp groups
  • Day 10 morning, Maryelle and 60 people begin fighting against more than 1000 <Green Sea Ogre>'s invading the Sandleaf River mouth.
  • Afternoon, <Goblin>'s headed back to Choushi, Minori's squad heads off to battle. By evening they have defeated about 30 <Goblin>'s.
  • Evening, Minori's team on patrol. Begins fight with <Possessed Demon Wolf> and 2 squads of <Goblins>.
  • They win the fight, but Rundelhous dies (losing consciousness). Revival spell doesn't work, Minori seeks help from Shiroe.
  • Shiroe rushes to Minori's location, <Incense of Returning from the Dark World>(item) only revives Rundelhous for 3 minutes. Rundelhous signs a contract.
  • Rundelhous dies again (spell expired). Due to the effect of <Contract Art Ceremony>, Rundelhous' status is changed from <Lander> to <Adventurer> and is revived at the Cathedral.
  • Night, reinforcements from <Ocypete> and drives out the <Green Sea Ogre>'s.
  • Received message from Rundelhous who was revived in the Cathedral, Isuzu returns to Akiba with <Call of Home>.

[<Round Table Conference> Representatives]

  • Delegation of <Round Table Conference> goes to <Ancient Imperial Court of Eternal Ice>. They participate in the ball at night.
  • Day 2, noon. Krusty and Rayneshia's first meeting after the ball. Tea at the square gazebo.
  • Day 4, midnight. Re=Gun appears before Shiroe and Akatsuki in the courtyard.
  • Re Gun talks to Shiroe and Akatsuki about the history of <World Fraction>'s and the <Spirit Theory> inside the deepest part of the Imperial Court.
  • Day 7, night. Feudal Lord-only meeting for <League of Freedom Cities Eastal> begins.
  • Day 8, morning~noon. Remote relay of <Round Table> is held. Guessed the source of demi-human attacks to be <Return of the Goblin King>. Requested reinforcements from <West Wing Brigade>.
  • Evening. Soujiro arrives at <Ancient Imperial Court of Eternal Ice>.
  • Night. Consultation of <Round Table> to join <League of Freedom Cities Eastal> begins.
  • Rayneshia decides to go to Akiba to get volunteer soldiers. Krusty, Rayneshia, Shiroe and Akatsuki are in Akiba.
  • After the meeting, Michitaka, Henrietta, Duke Sergead discuss the future relationship of the <Round Table> and the <League of Freedom Cities Eastal>.
  • Day 9, morning. Rayneshia makes a speech to appeal to <Adventurers> in Akiba to volunteer as soldiers.
  • Expedition force of more than 1200 lead by Krusty and organized by Shiroe depart.
  • Afternoon. Steam ship <Ocypete> arrived at Maihama carrying about 130 <Adventurers>. After that is to the port of Narashino.
  • Day 10, dawn. First strike of a 96 member battalion led by Krusty.
  • Dusk. Krusty and his battalion takes a break and joins Rayneshia for tea.
  • Dusk. Shiroe who is at <Midoraunto Equestrian Garden> receives telepathic communication from Minori.
  • Shiroe and Akatsuki fly to Minori on a <Griffin>. He writes the <Ceremonial Contract> while on the back of the <Griffin>.
  • Night. Battalion strikes at <Goblin>'s for the 2nd time.
  • Krusty crushes <Goblin General>.
  • After a week the expeditionary force returns to Akiba after defeating <Goblin General>.

[Town of Minami]

  • Quest <Demon Festival of Suzakumon> triggered.


  • One month after siege of Sandleaf, a festival to celebrate the treaty of Maihama is held.
  • A great ball is held at hall of <Cinderella Castle>.

[Aorusoi] (Gaiden)

  • Kanami, Coppelia and Elias Hackblade run into Leonardo at <Abolished town of Tekeli>.
  • KR, using <Soul Possession> on a <Bai Ze> appears under Kanami.
  • Party of 4 and 1 animal starts off towards Yamato server.
  • Following a large river south, they reach a small village Sekekku.
  • Demon that causes epidemics afflict a young <Lander> boy with the properties of <Gnoll> and possesses him, who then attacks Kanami. Elias and Leonardo bring the boy under control and is treated by Coppelia.
  • Night. Leonard practices <Deadly Dance> on a large boulder in the outskirts of village by himself.
  • Same evening. <Lelang Wolf Calvary> reconnaissance group is attacked by a Black Dragon at <Columned Ruins of Tone Grave>.
  • Next morning. Leonardo learns the about current state of Yamato from KR.
  • Day 4 morning in the same village. Peddler Juuha arrives at Sekekku along with survivor of <Lelang Wolf Calvary> Chunruu.
  • Kanami's party decides to be the convoy escort of Juuha along with Chunruu.
  • 2 days later. <Lelang Wolf Calvary> legion troops led by guild master Zhu Huan raid <Columned Ruins of Tone Grave>. Wiped out in a few hours by the Black Dragon.
  • Evening, Chunruu gets news that legion raid was wiped out.
  • Night, KR spots the army of <Gnoll> heading towards Sekekku in a canyon to the northeast.
  • Kanami, Coppelia and Elias decide to go subdue the <Gnoll> even though Leonardo opposes to it. Juuha and Chunruu to to warn Sekekku.
  • Dawn, Leonardo decides to go along with Kanami's decision. KR regains his human form by using <Castling>.
  • KR summons a Red Dragon and heads off to <Columned Ruins of Tone Grave> carrying 2 people
  • Black Dragon carrying Rasphuia and Papus appears (they're both <Genius>'s).
  • KR releases <Contract> of Red Dragon. The Red Dragon regains its strength of <Garnet Dragon>(Level 90 Raid rank) and battles the Black Dragon.
  • Papus gets away after the fall, but Leonardo begins fighting Rasufia on the ground.
  • Kanami discovers Papasu and begins fight.
  • Leonardo uses his Overskill <Parallel Plot> to defeat Rasphuia. Kanami defeats Papus with the help of the others except KR.

[Town of Minami]

  • KR visits headquarters of <Plant Hwyaden> using <Soul Possession> on a <Banshee>
  • KR is reunited with Kazuhiko and Indicus
  • KR joins <Plant Hwyaden>


  • "Libra(Autumn) Festival" sponsored by <Production Guild Liaison Committee>.
  • Day 1 "Libra Festival", dusk. Shiroe, along with Akatsuki and Minori participated in cake buffet ran by <Danceteria>.
  • 12 whole cakes are given to the 3 of them as 'considerate' service. As a result, Shiroe is unable to finish them all and has to pay the price of 12 cakes.
  • Around 21:00. Akatuski and Shiroe relax on the terrace of their Guild Home. Minori sees this and notices the love Akatsuki has for Shiroe.
  • Day 2, morning. Minori visits Charasin of <Production Guild Liaison Committee> and offers her help.
  • Winter clothing exhibition and sale is held in Hall of Silver. <Crescent Moon Alliance> also participates.
  • Shiroe notices repeated occurrences of trouble in various places where products are displayed and sold, caused by <Lander> noble from <Hole Empire Westelande> which resembles a saturation attack.
  • Shiroe proposes that Soujirou and Soujirou's bodyguards form a patrol (more like a group date), as a result the troubles in various places are greatly decreased.
  • Evening dinner party. Marine transportation noble Lord Malves of <Holy Empire Westelande> arrives at <Water Maple Mansion>
  • Issue is solved by <Oceanic Systems> accepting all the cargo from the merchant ships, which is 500 tons at total capacity. Lord Malves is displeased and leaves.
  • Evening dinner party opened to the central square, <Adventurer>'s and <Lander>'s have a feast together to celebrate the prosperous business.
  • Shiroe and Minori have a talk have a talk while on a walkway on in the sky. Akatsuki eavesdrops on their conversation and realizes her own powerlessness and is overwhelmed mentally.
  • Day 3 (final day of Libra Festival), daytime. Shiroe goes with all the members of <Log Horizon> to look at the "Flea Market".
  • <Round Table Conference> holds a banquet at the end of the "Libra Festival" to celebrate it's success.
  • Night. Shiroe goes a designated meeting place to meet with Oshima who had been gathering information on <Holy Empire Westelande>.
  • Oshima isn't there, instead Shiroe is met by Nureha. Nureha solicts Shiroe to join <Plant Hwyaden>, and tells of her personal 'fictional' story.
  • Shiroe listens to her personal 'fictional' story, he refuses the invitation to join and remains as enemies with Nureha.


[Town of Akiba]

  • Krusty leads 5 Legions North-East on an Expedition.

[Akatsuki side]

  • Akatsuki guards Rayneshia at the request of Shiroe. Guard details includes drinking tea with Rayneshia in the guest room of <Water Maple Mansion>.
  • Female members from <Crescent Moon Alliance>, <Roderick Firm> and <D.D.D> like Rieze join in on the tea parties.

[Shiroe side]

  • Once away from Akiba, Shiroe and Naotsugu are brought to <Tear Stone Mountains> by Re Gun.
  • Upon arriving at Tear Stone, Shiroe, Naotsugu and Re Gun stay at a lodge at the base of the snowy mountains.
  • Shiroe fails negotiations with Kinjou. Kinjou tells him of a raid.
  • After the conference, Shiroe's party proceeds to examine the deepest parts of <Depths of Palm>.
  • Shiroe requests cooperation of <Silver Sword> in Susukino for the raid. William approves and participates with 20 members of <Silver Sword>.
  • During this, as Naotsugu and Re Gun gather the members they meet Tetra. Naotsugu invites Tetra to join them.
  • As Shiroe explains the details, Demikas intrudes <Silver Sword>'s Guild Hall. Demikas challenges Shiroe to a rematch.
  • When William prevents Demikas' challenge the atmosphere grows tense, Naotsugu arrives at the Guild Hall with Tetra.
  • William proposes to add Demikas as one of the members in order to fill out the party. Members for <Depth of Palm> raid are gathered.
  • They depart from Susukino the next day. They go down the underground tunnel of Raipot strait <Z539> which leads to <Depth of Palm>.

[Town of Minami]

  • Ten seat conference is held.


[Expeditionary Force Side]

  • One after expeditions start. Takayama Misa searches the outskirts of the <Goblin>'s village.
  • When returning to the village to report information gathered, Takayama Misa's weapon <Calamity Hearts> shows abnormal behavior.
  • <Calamity Hearts> shines red, and Krusty is swallowed in a vortex of light.

[Akatsuki Side]

  • Murderer appears in Town of Akiba. There are 3 victims including Kyouko of <West Wind Brigade>.
  • Day 2 - 1 victim.
  • Day 3 - 5 victims.
  • Day 6 - <Honesty>'s search and capture patrols wiped out, <Round Table> raises caution.
  • 24 elite members of <West Wind Brigade> begin to patrol the city (4 parties with 6 members each).
  • Kinjou of the Kunie clan visits Rayneshia. Rayneshia is informed that a <Movable Armor> was stolen.
  • Akatsuki overhears Kinjou and Rayneshia's conversation and decides to sortie against the Murderer alone.
  • Evening of same day. Soujirou fights Murderer Enbart Nelles. Soujirou is disadvantaged.
  • Akatsuki intrudes the battle between Soujirou and Enbart. Akatsuki & Soujirou vs Enbart, Akatsuki and Soujirou are defeated and die.
  • Akatsuki encounters Shiroe in <Mare Tranquillitatis>. A memory is offered to <Mare Tranquillitatis> with Shiroe.
  • Morning of the next day at <Water Maple Mansion>. Rayneshia personally tells Rieze her decision. Rayneshia and Rieze become friends.
  • Afternoon conference of <Rode Labs>. Roderick reports that the <Catastrophe> is not over.
  • Early afternoon. Akatsuki wakes up in the <Cathedral>. She seeks Rieze and Nazuna's cooperation.
  • Suppression party comprised of Water Maple Maidens' formed with Rieze in command, they plan to hunt down Enbart after 3 days. During this preparation time, training of <Overskill> takes place.
  • 3 days later at night. 24 <Adventurer>'s commences raid-like combat. Akatsuki comes into contact with Enbart.
  • Same time. Rayneshia makes the decision to cut off magic power from the magic circle providing defense to the Town of Akiba.
  • Akatsuki loses her sword in a desperate attack against Enbart, and is in danger with less than 5% HP.
  • Kawara acts as guerrilla unit during this time, Tatara of <Amenoma> hands <Haganemushi-Tatara> to Akatsuki.
  • Akatsuki makes contact with Enbart again. Guidance tatics are successful, Enbart's movement are sealed due to Rieze's magic.
  • <Sentou-Byakumaru> is destroyed and Enbart is defeated, Akatsuki and others win.
  • Pajama party into the afternoon, occupying Rayneshia's guest room and office.

[Shiroe Side]

  • Three weeks have passed since leaving Susukino, 2 bosses (Vandemie of First Garden and Erureida of Fifth Garden.) killed, 7 Phantasmal-tier equipments have been obtained. The plan to clear the dungeon drags on.
  • After a break in the small room in <Abyssal Shaft>, battle with <Ruseato of Seventh Garden> commences.
  • During the battle with Ruseato, bosses <Ibura Habura of Third Garden> and <Tarutaurugar of Fourth Garden> from different fields appear. The 24 Raid members are annihilated due to the overwhelming difference in strength.
  • In the time between death and revival, Shiroe dreams of the real world. During the dream, he walks to the bench of his memories in his hometown.
  • He thinks back to the existence of others who he failed to support and cooperate with due to his nature, he makes up his mind to start over.
  • After the dream of the real world, Shiroe notices that he is in the 14th server zone, <Mare Tranquillitatis>. Even after thinking over the new information regarding "death" he was unable to come up with any proper conclusions regarding this new information.
  • Shiroe encounters Akatsuki in <Mare Tranquillitatis>. A memory is offered to <Mare Tranquillitatis> with Akatsuki.
  • William and others are revived at the entry of <Abyssal Shaft> raid. Many of the members are in despair and disheartened.
  • As Guild Master, Willliam gives a heartfelt speech to ignite the spirits within the hearts of his friends once again.
  • Shiroe uses his experience to consider future deployments and is struck with an idea for a strategy.
  • After a week of preparation, they have a rematch with Ruseato. They don't kill Ruseato, but instead they create an opening in a gate that leads to the area where Ibura Habura is.
  • They arrive in Ibura Habura's area, combat is initiated.
  • Tetra tells Naotsugu that she is joining <Log Horizon>.
  • Tarutauruga shows up in Ibura Habura's area. During the relentless battle where victory seemed like a possibility, shadow warriors created by Ruseato appear.
  • Demikas kites the shadow warriors around, while carrying Shiroe who is supporting.
  • Shiroe and Demikas begin argue with each other. Shiroe is left before the deepest part of the zone, while Demikas goes back to his post kiting shadow warriors.
  • After struggling to arrive at the Depths of Ninth Garden, Shiroe negotiates with Kinjou a second time.
  • William and others defeat Ibura Habura, Tarutaurugar and the shadow warriors, Shiroe's negotiations are successful, the zone is successfully cleared. Loot is shared.
  • The raid clearing force returns to Susukino. Upon arriving, Shiroe, Naotsugu and Tetra separate from <Silver Sword> and leave Akiba.
  • 4 Days after parting with William and the others, Shiroe arrives back in Akiba.


  • Minori and the younger group heads west to gather materials for <Dazaneg's Magic Bag>.
  • They perform in several villages and are popular with the Landers there.
  • When fighting off some monsters, they are nearly overwhelmed when Roe2 appears before them.
  • After bringing Roe2 to a nearby village, she agrees to accompany them in exchange for being called "big sister".