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Name of the forces that have destroyed half of the <Ancient>'s organization called the <Thirteen Knight Orders of World>.



  • Blond hair girl who looks like a delicate Bisque doll. Level 89 <Normal> rank monster.
  • Outward appearance and speech are elegant, but underneath lies a cruel personality. Moves like an insect, like climbing a tree using sharp nails and toes, joints bent in the wrong direction. In fact, the head is freshly severed, it's not actually attached to the body.
  • It has dozens of souls, disposable "Names" that take damage and are discarded, even if its limbs and the body are chopped off, it can be immediately regenerated again. Time required for this to take place is one beat (1/4 of a breath).
  • Leonardo cut its head in two with <Assassinate> using <Parallel PLot> faster than it can regenerate, so it died.


  • A mass of tentacles wearing a robe. Level 89 <Normal> rank monster.
  • Attacks with acid from the tentacles. In addition, its tentacles are parasitic and can take over monsters. Can keep battle at a back and forth state against multiple people by employing innumerable <Gnoll>'s.
  • It knows <Lander>'s and <Ancient>'s are dolls(personality software) called NPC's. It cornered Elias by saying "NPC is a doll" using the 'words of death', it was was killed with the help of Elias who came to consciousness again at the words of Kanami.


  • It was first mentioned in Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook.
  • Flattened human-shaped shadow.
  • Specialized for logistical support in secret. It rarely makes its appearance.
  • Gives the magic-resistant power to other monsters. It is scheming to neutralize the magic circuit for city defenses and send brainwashed demi-human monsters to invade into the safe zones.


  • It was first mentioned in Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook.
  • Beatiful lady wearing a white long-sleeved kimono and a grass-green colored neckpiece. Light blue eyes, long hair, a pair of black wings, emotionless face.
  • Being good at wide range of ice magic attack. Blizzard always followed wherever Heiglot went.
  • Being devoted to self-improve for exhibiting its magic power to the maximum. If it mastered its ice magic, it might cover over the whole land with snow and be cause serious damage to farm crops and commercial distribution.


  • It was first mentioned in Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook.
  • Undead knight wielding a black-blade big katana. Black eyes, black hair, a black coat on top of a black clothes. It has an ominous yellow aura that summons undead monsters.
  • Being very skillful about sword battle. Its greatest features is the continuous attack without any break. Furthermore, when someone looks into Mascarvin's eyes, the scene of his/her death is displayed in its eyes.
  • It's hiding in a certain ruin located in the northeast region of Eastal. Around teh ruin, plants withered and many undead monsters are wandering.


  • It was first mentioned in Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook.
  • Jade-colored giant owl, flying with no sound and attacking with sharp talon. Gives the impression like a sage, but when it's not in the battle, it has a jovial personality and likes silly jokes.
  • Having control over the growth of the plant. It fires plant seeds against the target, and seeds sprout in the body.
  • It suddenly appeared in the "Ocean of the Spore", the forest area close to Templeside city (Kichijoji in real world) and flew away. Now, it is flying around Yamato server, promoting the growth of Fairy Ring and inciting plant monsters.