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Shiroe Design.png
Real name Shirogane Kei
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 177 cm
Level 90 (93)
Race Half-Alv
Class Enchanter logo.png Enchanter
Subclass Scribe
Guild Log Horizon
HP 8303 (11162)
MP 12088 (12996)



Nicknamed 'Sly Four-eyes', Shiroe is a university student who was about to graduate with an Engineering major when he became trapped in Elder Tales. He is a cautious and thoughtful introvert by nature. He has been an Elder Tales player since middle school, causing him to become a veteran of the game with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of a game known for its depth. Though not really an anti-social person, he has his problems with guild, due to unpleasant experiences with people who sought him out purely to exploit his expertise in the game. He was, however, a member of the informal group of players collectively known as the <Debauchery Tea Party> as its unofficial strategist.


Volume 01
Shiro item012.png <Prudent Horned Owl Cane>
A cane containing the holy protection of the Horned Owl, messenger of the god of wisdom. It is said that it aids the possessors thoughts with its wisdom, lighting a path through uncertainty. Its magical power is casting speed increase.
Shiro item022.png <Celestial Spirit Cloak>
Cloak used exclusively by Mages, woven upon a meteor's trajectory. A Production-class item crafted with Phantasmal-class materials which are extremely rare. Its special ability is to absorb power from the position of celestial bodies to strengthen Astral-element spells.
Shiro item032.png <Millennium Bird's Crow>
Talisman made of a piece of wood from the Sacred Tree "Vendiria" which was scattered when the Sacred Bird was born. Containing the life of the immortal, the effects the of 'movement hindrance' status' are reduced.

Volume 05
Shiro item0111.png <Parka Jacket>
A parka jacket made of cotton fabric. The parka resembles Shiroe's regular everyday wear in the real world. Its somewhat large size gives off a slovenly feel.
Shiro item0211.png <Rainbow Glass Ink Bottle>
A Production-class item, the color of ink within the bottle can be changed. A limited production rare item by the Painter guild "Atelier Armadillo" in Akiba. Guilds that support Shiroe do exist, if few in numbers.
Shiro item0311.png <Long Kotatsu>
A furniture type item with the magical power to attract indoor gatherings. This large six-seater is made-to-order. Recently, it seems to be used regularly by the Landers.

Volume 07
Shiroe item011.png <White Staff of the Wings of Ruin>
A very strong Phantasmal-class item from Raids, but is very hard to get since it is one of the few remaining ones. Long cane that expands the effective range of support magic casted by the owner. Although it looks like a staff made of an ordinary old tree, when it is activated a wing-like force field forms from the tip.
Shiroe item021.png <Sage's Coat>
Phantasmal-class protective gear that gives defense with divine protection in accordance with the owners wisdom. Reward for clearing the Raid quest "Wise Beastmen who lies in the Desert" in the overseas server. It boasts high tolerance to mental bad status'.
Shiroe item031.png <Laurel Blossom Talisman>
Phantasmal-class talisman that imitates the legend of the flower that blooms with the moon's cycle. Blesses the change in soul, the experience loss is reduced when dying and the time of respawn is shortened. Contains the ability to strengthen attack magic and defense magic of the mind-attribute.


Before the Apocalypse

During the Apocalypse

The World of Elder Tale

In what seemed like a routine log in for the day, Shiroe suddenly finds himself in the middle of Akiba with several other players, making up a small percentage of the 30,000 players mysteriously transported into the world of Elder Tale. Like most of the players, Shiroe is confused about what happened, so he decided to meet up with one of the players he has on his Friend List, the Level 90 Guardian Naotsugu, to accompany him in navigating around Akiba and looking for clues about their current status. Here, they stumble upon Akatsuki, who becomes indebted to Shiroe when he gave her an Appearance Changing Potion to revert her male avatar into a more comfortable female one. Shiroe then decides to head to the guild hall of the Crescent Moon Alliance, a guild that knows him and Naotsugu well, to gather more information.

Crescent Moon Alliance's leader Maryelle tells them of the current state of her guild and he agrees to exchange information with the Crescent Moon Alliance about various things, although Shiroe points out that he still refuses to affiliate himself with a guild for personal reasons. Afterwards, Shiroe goes exploring outside Akiba with Naotsugu and Akatsuki to learn about the mechanics of the game through first hand experience. Later, news of a man reviving in Akiba's cathedral confirms that they are stuck in the world of Elder Tale.

A short encounter with player killers urges Shiroe to deal with the possibility of players killing other players for entertainment after the discovery of the absence of the concept permanent death. As Maryele receives alarming news of a guild member trapped in the player town of Susukino, Shiroe decides to travel there in Maryele's stead. Using gryphon mounts to speed up the journey, Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki head to Susukino within a period of several days.

Rescue Mission at Susukino

Upon arriving at Susukino, Shiroe discovers that the player town has been overrun by members of the PVP guild Brigandia and proceeds to the location of Marielle's comrade, the young Druid Serara. She has been in the care of a Level 90 Swashbuckler named Nyanta, who like Shiroe and Naotsugu were members of the Debauchery Tea Party before it fell apart. After the rescue, Shiroe and Naotsugu depart with Nyanta and Serara, who both agreed to leave Susukino, but had to face Brigandia and its leader Demikas. With Akatsuki finishing off Brigandia's support group, Shiroe, Naotsugu and Nyanta team up to take down the rest of Demikas' forces. (In the anime series, Serara dealt the finishing blow on Demikas.)

Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki make their return trip to Akiba. Here, Nyanta shows them his discovery of being able to cook food by using real-life cooking techniques, while Shiroe shares his story about helping two beginner adventurers, Tohya and Minori, in the past. As the five find out about the human characteristics of the NPCs of the game — Landers — in a short stay in a Lander village, the Hamelin guild becomes the home of Touya and Minori.

Log Horizon and the Round Table Alliance

The arrival of Serara and her rescuers were lauded by the Crescent Moon Alliance. However, despite the festivities, Shiroe is faced with different issues looming over Akiba. After asking everyone from the guild to keep the secret of Nyanta's uncanny cooking techniques, Shiroe talks with Maryele about the forming of invisible obstacles among guilds in Akiba and the rising supremacy of bigger and stronger guilds in the race to Level 100, which was the new level cap after the Novasphere Pioneers update. Here, the name of the guild Hamelin shows up, causing Shiroe to be concerned about Touya and Minori, who both joined Hamelin shortly after the Apocalypse.

After a short talk with Nyanta, Shiroe finally musters the confidence to form a guild of his own. This new guild, called "Log Horizon", is made up of guild master Shiroe and members Naotsugu, Akatsuki and Nyanta. Crescent Moon Alliance's Maryele, her secretary Henrietta and member Shouryuu were the ones who were first informed about Log Horizon during his meeting with the three. Here, Shiroe also reveals his elaborate plan to decimate the Hamelin guild, starting with amassing a staggering 5,000,000 gold and using the newly-discovered cooking techniques to recreate the recipe for hamburgers and various other fastfood dishes and serve it to the players of Akiba as the small Crescent Moon Restaurant. Over the past two weeks, word of this new delicacy spread throughout most of the guilds in Akiba. One of these guilds, the West Wind Brigade, represented by guildmaster and former Tea Party member Soujiro Seta, made contact with Shiroe and agreed to help him in his plan.

Several weeks after the successful opening of Crescent Moon Restaurant, Shiroe (through Henrietta and Maryele) opens negotiating talks with three of the biggest production guilds in Akiba (Roderick Firm, 8th Shopping District, and Oceanic Systems) to gain the recipe behind the success of Crescent Moon Restaurant. However, to the shock of the three guilds, this secret was later exposed to the other guilds by both Shiroe and Maryelle during the Round Table Conference held several days later alongside other issues in the world of Elder Tale. Shiroe initiated the round table meeting as a response to the rise of lawlessness in the world of Elder Tale, with the aim of creating a council that will oversee the actions of the players of Elder Tale. The Round Table Conference was initially met with skepticism, with William Massachusetts and his Silver Sword guild stepping down from the conference and Isaac of the Black Sword Knights questioning possible loopholes in Shiroe's plans. Nonetheless, Shiroe manages to gain the full support of the other guilds after clarifying his plans for the conference, finalizing the formation of Elder Tale's first Round Table Alliance.

Contact with Eastal

A week after the formation of the Round Table Alliance, Shiroe moves to a guild house for the first time after the creation of the Log Horizon guild. During this time, both he and D.D.D.'s guild master Krusty notice the unusual movement of several Landers in Akiba — these Landers were later revealed to be spies working under Duke Sergead of the League of Freedom Cities Eastal. Eventually, Eastal finally makes itself apparent to the adventurers of Akiba and invites representatives from the newly formed Round Table Alliance to a formal ball in the Palace of Eternal Frost located in the Eastal capitol of Maihama. Shiroe joins Akatsuki, Henrietta of Crescent Moon Alliance, Krusty and Misa Takayama of D.D.D. and Michitaka of Oceanic Systems on the journey to Maihama. Meanwhile, the rest of the alliance chose representatives to train the lower-level players rescued from Hamelin on the Sand Leaf Peninsula.

In their short stay in the Palace of Eternal Frost, Shiroe quickly discovers Eastal's plans to use the knowledge and strength of the adventurers to their advantage, even to the point of willingness to join one of the Round Table Alliance's members to the ranks of nobility. He, however, decides to use the cautiousness of the nobles to his advantage, in turn learning more about how the Landers think of the adventurers. One knowledge that shakes Shiroe's composure was the revelation of the sage Re Gun about the link between experience loss in death and the loss of memories from the real world.

Soon, Shiroe finds out from Minori, who was in the training camp with the others, that there is a two-pronged attack approaching the training camp, consisting of goblins from the mountainside and sahuagin from the sea. Shiroe decides to stay in Maihama to defend the Lander city there, leaving behind the sahuagin front and the breakaway goblin forces to Maryele, Naotsugu, Nyanta and the trainees. Krusty leads the anti-goblin offensive to a successful run, while Shiroe finds out that a Lander "adventurer" by the name of Rundelhous Code suffered fatal injuries in the seaside battle. In order to help Minori and her friends save Rundelhous, Shiroe decides to use never-before-used scribing tools to create a contract that would reassign the Lander's subclass to Adventurer, allowing full access to features commonly available to a player.

The month following the successful campaign in the Sand Leaf Peninsula, Shiroe returns with most of the adventurers of Akiba to the Palace of Eternal Frost to celebrate the victory of the Round Table Alliance over the goblin invaders, although he chose to distance himself from the other adventurers amidst his unfavorable reputation amongst the other players. Meanwhile, Shiroe is informed by Re Gun of another player using a high class of magic at par with the contract he sealed with Rundelhous. As Akiba returns to its normal pace, Shiroe becomes part of the team that would set up the Libra Festival to commemorate the arrival of autumn.

The Libra Festival

With the help of the guilds under the Round Table Alliance, Shiroe organizes the Libra Festival along with his other scribing work in the Log Horizon guild house. Henrietta notices Shiroe's work and recommends him to spend more time enjoying at the festival. Shiroe later ends up with Minori and Akatsuki, who have their own plans for having a date with him. Ultimately, the plan fails when the two girls ended up stuffing Shiroe with cake in their attempt to win over Shiroe's attention. That night, however, Shiroe's short conversation with Akatsuki moment discourages Minori to expose her true feelings until Touya gave his words of encouragement.

The following day, Shiroe discovers a string of unusual occurrences that disturb that smooth flow of the Libra Festival. Unlike most cases where Shiroe's analytical thinking helps him in resolving issues, the sheer randomness of the disturbances in the festival baffles Shiroe. Eventually, Shiroe gets the idea of exploiting certain personality traits in people to control their behavior, which he also uses on Lord Malves of Westelande, who visited Princess Rayneshia's ball to undermine the relations between Akiba and Eastal.

After revealing to Minori his determination to sacrifice his public face for greater success, Shiroe has a sudden encounter with the Lander Dariella, who is actually Nureha, guild master of Plant Hwyaden and the most powerful figure in Westelande. Nureha reveals what she knows about Shiroe's recent feats and recruits him to Plant Hwyaden, in exchange for resources that can be used to determine a way back to the real world. Shiroe quickly refuses.

The Libra Festival soon ends with Shiroe receiving the support of his guildmates on his newest goal: to change the world. This plan would take Shiroe outside of the walls of Akiba and into uncharted territory.